PowerGen Europe 2013


Welcome to visit us at PowerGen Europe 4 - 6 June 2013 in Vienna, Austria

Articles in stakeholder magazines:

  • Smart savings for power transmission systems
    A new study shows that major grid operators and power utilities can achieve huge savings by applying Smart Power Generation to increase the flexibility of their power generation portfolios. Twentyfour7. issue 2/2013.
  • Adapting to Serve a Giant
    The IPP3 power plant, currently being built in Jordan, will be the largest power plant in the world based on tri-fuel combustion engines. Wärtsilä is adapting its normal servicing offer to meet the specific requirements of the project's developer. Twentyfour7. issue 2/2013.
  • Save and Secure in South Korea
    Highly flexible, fast-starting power plants can provide an economic and sustainable alternative to more traditional approaches to reserve capacity. Twentyfour7. issue 2/2013.
  • Enabling Major National Savings Through a New Approach to System Security
    A healthy reserve capacity is essential to avoid power system blackouts. In South Korea, for various reasons the reserve margin has fallen to very low levels, thus jeopardising system security. Highly flexible, fast starting power plants could provide the answer. In Detail issue 1/2013. 
  • Preparing for all emergencies
    The first section of the Kiisa Emergency Reserve Power Plant is scheduled to begin operations in spring 2013. The plant, owned by Elering, Estonia’s transmission system operator, is the first of its kind in the country for this application. In Detail issue 1/2013.
  • Leading the renewable revolution
    Germany has launched the world's most radical energy reform. How realistic is its shift to renewables - and how is it impacting companies, towns and families? Twentyfour7. issue 1/2013
  • Smart Power Generation for a changing world
    Europe could learn from Denmark's proactive approach to meeting the changes and challenges of the power and energy market. Twentyfour7. issue 1/2013.
  • Europe on the road to carbon neutral energy
    The Energy Roadmap 2050, launched by the European Commission in December 2011, opened the debate about how to decrease CO2 emissions. Energy systems need to be transformed to exploit renewable sources instead of fossil fuels. Twentyfour7. issue 4/2012.
  • An overview of the European Network Code development process
    To ensure a sustainable and affordable European energy supply, new network codes are required. Wärtsilä supports this development. In Detail issue 2/2012
  • From the mouth of a lion
    A new gas engine combined cycle plant in Turkey will mark an important milestone in Wärtsilä's target to capture market share from gas turbine combined cycles. Twentyfour7. issue 4/2012.
  • Masters of gas engine technology
    Technological development by Wärtsilä has resulted in a range of products offering three types of gas engine technology, all of them efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sound. Twentyfour7. issue 1/2013.
  • Largest engine-driven power plant in the world for the Middle East
    Wärtsilä's reliable and efficient tri-fuel engines have resulted in the company's power plant technology gaining a strong foothold in Jordan. Twentyfour7. issue 1/2013.
  • Baku opts for flexibility
    Azerbaijan shows that a 300 MW flexible gas-engine power plant is feasible. Twentyfour7. issue 4/2012.
  • Flexicycle™ - from concept to reality
    A little more than a year ago, Wärtsilä registered the trademark Flexicycle™ with the purpose of highlighting the uniqueness of this combined cycle design. The first real Flexicycle™ plants are now operating with very encouraging results. In Detail issue 2/2012
  • Smart Power Generation with flexible Gas Engine concepts
    As the amount of variable renewable generation increases, in order for production to meet demand sufficient balancing capability is needed. This requires greater flexibility in the power system, and Smart Power Generation based on internal combustion gas engines is one of the evident alternatives. In Detail issue 2/2012


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